Nothing Special 2005


Tür : Kurmaca


Yönetmen   Helena Brooks
Senaryo   Helena Brooks , Jaquie Brown
Oyuncular   Lliam Powell , Emily O′Brien-Brown , Geraldine Brophy , Kip Chapman , Greg Johnson , Gerard Johnstone , Alison Routledge


A young boy is tormented by his mother′s conviction that he is the new Messiah, and after leaving home, he tries to limit all human contact and adopt a completely boring, normal lifestyle. This resolution is tested when he meets an exceedingly attractive young woman at work just as he is named employee of the month: an occasion which allows his crazed mother to locate him.

Kaynak : Helena Brooks

Yayın İzin Tarihi : 15/08/2014

Cannes Film Festival (2005)

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